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09/13/2004 Archived Entry: "Popular Chicago Fighter, Ray “Rocky” Martinez Announces His Retirement"

Popular Chicago Fighter, Ray “Rocky” Martinez Announces His Retirement

By Juan C. Ayllon

HernandezPesoliMartinezSm (83k image)Rocky Martinez (right) with promoter Dominic Pesoli (left) and his fighter, Illinois State Middleweight Champ, "Macho" Miguel Hernandez (center)

(Chicago, Illinois): On the evening of September 10, 2004, popular Chicago fighter Ray “Rocky” Martinez (40-11-1, 20 KO’s) announced his retirement. Currently managing rising sensation and Illinois State Middleweight Champ Miguel Hernandez, Rocky made his announcement following his fighters exciting knockout victory at an event dubbed “Mexican Independence,” a joint venture by Dominic Pesoli’s 8 Count Productions and Bob Arum’s Top Rank which was broadcast worldwide by Telefutura.

In a career spanning nearly 12 years, junior welterweight Martinez has fought such boxing luminaries as Philip Holiday, Joey Gamache, Randall Bailey, Hector Camacho, Jr., Paul Spadafora, Artur Grigorian and Miguel Cotto. A true professional who always came to fight and gave his best for the audience, Martinez finally decided to call it a career as he transitioned into management responsibilities with his faculties fully intact. An affable guy by nature, Rocky granted this exclusive interview to the Cyber Boxing Zone.

On his decision to retire:

I’m 34 already, I told my mom I was going to retire after 100 fights. I had 45 amateur and I wanted to put 55 professionals which would make 100. I got 53 fights on and I was looking for two ore fights before I turned 34. It didn’t happen, so I told my mom at 34 I retired.

On The highlights of his career:

RM: Every time I fought for a world title. I fought Arthur Grigorian in Germany, I fought Randall Bailey, I fought Philip Holiday, Joe Gamache, Camacho Jr. and I fought Paul Spadaofora for a 10 round decision.

On if he had any regrets in his career:


On anything if he would have done differently:

Yeah. Watch who you hang out with—people, the matchmakers, the promoters--which the promoter that I retired with was the best I ever had. Look at my tattoo [Rocky reveals an “8 Count” tattoo on his right arm/shoulder area].

Now, I manage "Macho" [Miguel Hernandez]. I’ve got to watch my fighters. I’ve gotta run!

The CBZ wishes Rocky all the best in his new career.

For an extensive look at his record, see:

Photo by Juan C. Ayllon

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