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02/09/2005 Archived Entry: "Miguel Hernandez Takes Lessons to Heart, Wants Rematch!"

Miguel Hernandez Takes Lessons to Heart, Wants Rematch!

By Juan C. Ayllon

HernandezObliquesclose (79k image)

Miguel Hernandez trains his obliques at Dr. Stoxen's Team Doctor's Treatment Center

CHICAGO, ILóPopular Chicago boxer and Illinois State Middleweight Champion, ďMachoĒ Miguel Hernandez, is upset. In his last fight, he made some mistakes. In hopes of clearing those up, he would like to have a rematch that was promised to him at the conclusion of the bout.

His prior opponent was Shay Mobley. In their fight on January 14th, Mobley proved to be the better man; he landed more cleanly and with greater effect, hurting Hernandez several times and appeared on the cusp of a stoppage victory on an occasion or two. By comparison, Hernandez appeared uncharacteristically flat. He struggled to get his punches off effectively.

At the conclusion of their bout, Mobley promised a rematch. Now, heís talking about a tune-up bout first.

Reflecting on this disappointing bout, Hernandez spoke at length about the bout, what he learned from it and where he wants to go from here.

[Editor's note: For details on Hernandezí bout versus Mobley, click on the link below: ]

Fast forward to February 9th, 2005. Almost a month later, Hernandez is more philosophical about the bout. Here then are his thoughts, as shared with us.

On how heís feeling:


On rumors that Hernandezí running around town, selling tickets, and distracting activities affected his preparations and his focus negatively:

MH: This is a business. I know what I have to do; I train hard. Iím responsible for the tickets that I have, I have to collect the money. That had nothing to do with the fight. If something was wrong with me, and I stepped into the ring, [thatís boxing] and he was a better man that day. I donítí want to take nothing away from Shay. I just want him to respect his word.

On reports that a virus and a rib injury affected his fight versus Shay Mobley:

MH: I shouldnít have fought that day. [But] I donít want to make any excuses. I wanted a rematch the next match, but they wanted to do something different, and Iím upset.

Once again thatís making excuses for the fight; I was sick, there was a virus going around. I was sparring and I got hit in the rib. But that had nothing to do with it! I stepped into the ring. I really donít want to talk about it. Had I won the fight, that never would have come up. So, I donít want to bring that up. I respect anybody that fights.

I donít want to make any excuses. The people who know how I fight know my punches had no snap on it.

On any deviations in training for his last bout versus Mobley compared to other bouts:

MH: I cheated a little bitówe all cheat a little, sometimes; I wasnítí going to [Dr.] Stoxenís that much [to do core abdominal work]. It helps me, so, like my father says, if it ainít broke, donítí fix it. I should have stayed with it. The one prior to this fight, against Chris Holt [10-3-0 and 7 KOís at the time, whom Hernandez stopped in the fourth round], I did. Itís hard work, as Stoxen says, youíve got to make a schedule, you have to have an appointment set; you have to run in the morning. If I stick with it, it will come out good.

On Changes he's making this time around:

MH: Iíve been working out working my ass off with him doing my exercises with him. You donít realize how much that helps, that strengthening and conditioning! Dr. Stoxen is a good help and a good friend. My training my running, it stays the same, itís just more strengthening and conditioning.

On his efforts to secure a rematch with Shay Mobley through Mobleyís promoter, Octavius James [of One in a Million Boxing, Inc.]:

MH: After the fight, he [Mobley] said, Miguel whenever you want to fight, Iíll do it again. I just thank you for the opportunity. Then, [later on] he says he wants a tune-up fight in March!

I read something in Cyber Boxing Zone that said he dominated me. If I was so easy, why not fight me again; why would you need a tune-up fight?

I have great respect for Octavius and Shay. I didnítí have anything to gain from that fight. If I would have beat him, I had nothing to gain; he had everything to gain. I fought some tough guys that I beat. Not to take away anything from Shay.

I talked with him [Octavius] on the phone. I said if I gave them an opportunity, I wanted a rematch. They said they would talk to Shay.

He won the fight, yes he did and Iím glad they gave him the decision. That shows that thereís no favoritism. But letsí do it again with more at stake; heís fighting for a belt. I even made a deal with Octavius: I said, Iíve talked with him plenty of times and Iíve never been cocky. I said that after I win the fight, because I know I will, he can carry the belt for me back to the locker room. They never called me back.

Iím going to fight April 8th; itís not going to be when he wantsí to fight me; thereís still time to fight me; he doesnít have to fight March 25th.

I know that rematch with [Chris] Troupe never happened. But this [loss with Shay Mobley] is the only loss I have in my mind. I was man enough to let him [Mobley] fight me on TV and I didnít have to fight him, but I did. I would like the rematch like he said, and I would like it to be my next fight.

On if Mobley does not accept an April 8th rematch:

MH: I wish him nothing but the best. As a fighter from Chicago, I wish nothing but the best for a fighter from Chicago. This last weekend, I was at my brothers wedding in Florida and it hurt me that David Diaz lost. I never want to fight somebody from Chicago unless someone moves up. I get along with these guys from Chicago. I have three kids. Weíre not making nothing out of it.

My thing is that Iím a man and if I give my word, itís as a man. And Shay Mobley came up to me as a man and gave me his word for a rematch. He said if I wanted a rematch, he would give me a rematch. If we fight again it will benefit both of us; if he wins he gets the title (Illinois State Title).

If it comes down the line and itís going to benefit me, then great. Iím looking to move up. He moved up because of his fight with me. There are a lot of fighters out there with losses; look at [Ricardo] Mayorga, it doesnít mean anything. Iíll move on.

On whether a rematch with Mobley is a good move for his career:

MH: He doesnít seem to think it is. You know, I just feel a rematch would be good. He said he would give a rematch and I would like a rematch. I think Iíll come in the same or better condition as he did and it will be a better fight. Last time he beat me easy, maybe this time heíll knock me out. I just donít see why he wonít take it.

On his next fight:

MH: April 8th fight, Iíve got a couple names; Iím going to work it out with my promoter and matchmaker [Editor's note: Hernandez is promoted by Dominic Pesoli/8 Count Productions ]. They told me forget about Shayóheís fighting March 25th, if he gets cut or hurt, then itís off. Iíve got to fight. Weíll see what happens.

I wish all the Chicago fighters the best. [For example] Carlos Andre or AndoleíóI don't know how to spell it--he just won the title at junior middleweight. To me, heís a stable mate; we train together at Windy City.

On how his training is coming along:

MH: Just the basics, lots of running, lots of shadow boxing, bag work, pad work and I get sparring in March. February is mostly cardio and March is when sparring starts up.

With Stoxen, Iím doing core ab work lot of reps at a fast pace. It does work! My manager, Ronny Garcia has been able to help me focus more on my workouts.

After the fight with Shay Mobley, some people said a lot of crazy things, like they were wondering what was wrong with me, [knowing] that thatís not the way I fight.

Weíll see April 8th. Thatís where I get to prove myself in the ring. Youíve got to let your hands do the talking. Whoever I fight on April 8th, theyíll have their hands full because Iím going in there to win.

Photo by Juan C. Ayllon

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