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06/15/2005 Archived Entry: "Chicagoan Estrada Does Like Cubs, Stops Floridian Chairy!"

Chicagoan Estrada Does Like Cubs, Stops Floridian Chairy!

By Juan C. Ayllon

EstradaSwinging1AA (34k image)
David Estrada seen winging a left hook in a previous bout (Juan C. Ayllon photo)

ST. PETERSBURG, FL, June 14 – On a night that the Chicago Cubs trounced the Florida Marlins at Wrigley Field 14-0, Chicago middleweight boxer David Estrada traveled down to St. Petersburg Coliseum where he largely negated Floridian Brian Chairy’s offense and stopped him convincingly in the fifth round.

Following a closely fought second round in which Chairy (161 lbs., 8-4-1, 1 KO) looked very much in the running and in which both fighters took turns banging away at one another, David Estrada (161 ˝ lbs., 6-3-0, 4 KO’s) gradually upped his effective output over the course of the next three rounds until the referee had no choice but to stop the bout.

In the third round, Estrada was clearly the more effective, landing more frequently while blocking or ducking away from most punches thrown his way. Towards rounds end, Estrada snapped Chairy’s head back with a hard right.

In the fourth, Estrada continued to block most of Chairy’s offense via a high and tight guard as Chairy attacked for the first minute. Whistling shots back with both fists, Estrada took charge at this juncture. Unfortunately for Chairy, his defense was much more porous than Estrada’s, and often appeared to consist of merely moving out of the way. Only, the rangy Estrada easily moved with him and landed well, as a result. Surging back, Chairy landed a hard straight left to Estrada’s head. However, He was unable to capitalize on the blow. Estrada clearly outscored him with his more accurate and damaging punches.

Bleeding from the nose and sporting redness and abrasions about both eyes, Chairy came out determined to stem the tide of his tormentor. Towards this end, he landed another straight left. However, as in rounds past, the brunt of his blows missed their mark. In turn, Estrada administered a battering, caroming lefts and rights off Chairy’s head with alarming regularity. Rocking him several times, Estrada terminated matters with a heavy right hand that violently snapped Chairy’s head back and deposited him on the ropes, and a final left-right combination. The ref had seen enough carnage, intervening at 2:58 into round five for an automatic TKO victory for Estrada.

Afterwards, Estrada said to this writer, “Did you see it? I hit him with everything but the kitchen sink!”

For all the damage done, he might have just as well tossed in the kitchen sink and perhaps a large, foam rubber "We're No. One" Cubbies hand, to boot!

ToroAndDavidEstrada (55k image)

David Estrada (right) and Angel Hernandez at last Friday's fights at
the Aragon Ballroom (Juan C. Ayllon photo)

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