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01/29/2007 Archived Entry: "Marcus Pernell Back on the Road After Surgery"

Marcus Pernell Back on the Road After Surgery

(Portland, OR.)
Promising Portland light-heavyweight, Marcus Pernell was 11-1 with 5 KO’s in June of 2006, when he was diagnosed with the same kind of detached retina that once temporarily side-lined Sugar Ray Leonard. Pernell is trained and managed by his step-father, former lightweight great, Sugar Ray Lampkin, who was cautious about the possibility of Pernell ever boxing again.

In June, Pernell underwent surgery to correct the problem. By September of ’06, his doctors were giving him a thumbs up for boxing again, and Pernell went back into the gym.

Now Pernell is getting ready for his third fight since his surgery, and says he feels great and has passed all his eye exams perfectly.

He's scheduled to fight on Feb. 9 just outside Los Angeles. The contract weight is 173 lbs. The opponent is tough Fernando Zuniga of Ecuador. According to, Zuniga is 24-8 with 18 winsby KO. Obviously a banger. Marcus Pernell’s record is now 12-2 with 6 wins by KO.

Pernell’s first come-back bout was in November,‘06 in Anacortes, WA where he won a unanimous decision in five rounds over James Brock. His weight for that fight was 186 lbs.

His second bout was Jan. 12, ‘07 at the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, WA. The card was broadcast on ESPN Friday Night Fights. Marcus lost a split decision in four rounds to local Roger Cantrell, with the weight at 168 lbs. Marcus says he thought he could lose 22 lbs quick and be fine for the fight. Now he says he was wrong. He starved and worked out twice a day and made the weight, but it cost him.

--Katherine Dunn

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