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07/27/2007 Archived Entry: "Oquendo find Secrets to Strength and Speed and Beats Castillo"

Oquendo find Secrets to Strength and Speed and Beats Castillo

Press Release

stoxen_oquendo_jjames (125k image)

Fres Oquendo (left) shows off his WBO Latino Heavyweight Title Belt with Dr. Stoxen at his side

CHICAGO - Heavyweight contender Fres Oquendo sought sought treatment from James Stoxen, DC, a renowned sports medicine chiropractor from Chicago who to get a unique form of treatment to help him to improve his training and performance. Stoxen is an internationally known keynote speaker in the medical world. In the entertainment world he is a chiropractor who also specializes in the treatment of entertainers as he has been hired by the tours of over 100 top recording artists in the last three years.

Oquendo looked like he got a substantial amount of his bounce and zip back to his step that was missing in the Evander Holyfield fight. With Stoxen, he looked at the tapes of his recent fights and noticed he wasn't turning from the hips, he had little spring to his footwork and his body lacked elasticity.

"We only had two weeks to work with so I focused on bringing the elastic recoil back to his frame with a series of unique treatment approaches I developed a few years ago. The result was great: a win for Fres and a good chance for a title fight coming up," said Stoxen. "I was very happy with what I saw and know he can get a WHOLE lot better. In fact you can mark my words that if he sticks with our game plan you have not seen the real Fres yet. When it comes you better get out of the way."

According to Stoxen, "Fres is a great fighter over the years and some standard strength and conditioning which led to a common phenomenon of a reduction in the bodies elasticity. A lack of bounce in the step is what people feel which causes slight to significant reductions in performance. The athlete doesn't know why they can't perform as well but they know their "zip" isn't there. When the arch of the feet have that spring and that coupled with the elasticity of the titan protein of the muscles and tendons are working the athlete runs like they have springs on their feet. We call that zip in the step.

"Fres has always been an exceptional technical fighter and has had power, speed and agility," Stoxen explains. "Due to the loss of the elastic recoil mechanisms in his body he was performing at 70% thinking he was at 100%. In less than 2 weeks of work he was able to unlock this lost elasticity in his body tissues and joints and the improvements in performance were huge. He got considerably faster and stronger without any additional training. For instance, when his trainer put four fresh heavyweights in the ring to go 10 solid hard rounds against Fres the week before the fight Fres fought against each of them as if it were always round one. What was even more amazing to Fres was the fact that he had no soreness or stiffness the next day as usually happened during his career after a hard ten round effort. This all happened and we haven't even started the eccentric training yet. We will do this after he wins this fight. This will for sure allow him to beat any contender who he faces for the title with a knockout."

Stoxen's approach to treatment means he doesn't wait for the pain. His practice Team Doctors focuses on adding speed strength, stamina, power and agility to athletes performance. His aim is as much to prevent problems from developing as it is resolving existing ones. His clinical skills go far beyond the standard of care of the average chiropractor or medical doctor. In fact he has been invited to lecture to more than 3000 medical doctors and scientists at the 15th Annual World Congress of Anti-Aging Medicine and Regenerative Biomedical Technologies in Chicago next month on August 4th. The topic of his presentation is on Footwear and its Effects on the Elastic Recoil Mechanism of the body and Aging.

Dr. Stoxen's method involves looking for any abnormalities in the movement patterns of the athletes, which indicate reductions in the bodies natural elastic recoil mechanisms. When he finds these restrictions and weaknesses he uses a combination of hands on muscle and tendon work and a unique brand of what he calls "eccentric training" performed in the private training center to improve the tissue elasticity of the body's tissues. Stoxen states we can see immediate and significant improvements in an athlete's performance without training. When the athlete then goes on to go through a carefully designed training program the gains, says Stoxen, "can be astronomical."

"I call this component of training, 'Titan Tuning.' We're tuning the Titan protein with specific types of exercise to develop the elastic recoil/spring mechanism. These are done with foot and ankle exercises, hops and jumps. What has been noted in scientific research is that this elastic recoil mechanism developing or tuning this elastic recoil mechanism through eccentric training has allowed patients to reduce sarcopenia, or weakening of muscle tissue."

"We are proud to be a part of this mans success."

For more information go to or email Team Doctors at

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