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Philadelphia's Boxing Heritage

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08/02/2007 Archived Entry: "WBC Boxing Champion David Diaz finds Training Secrets from Dr. Stoxen!"

WBC Boxing Champion David Diaz finds Training Secrets from Dr. Stoxen!

Press Release

Boxing_Diaz_09_12_03_DocDavB_W (72k image)

David Diaz (left) with Dr. Stoxen DC

CHICAGO—Fight fans will be treated to one of the best lightweight bouts of all-time when WBC Lightweight Champion David Diaz defends his title against legendary fighter, Eric Morales in the “War for Four” at Rosemont, Illinois this Saturday.

So says Dr. James Stoxen DC, who serves as Diaz’ chiropractor. In fact, he predicts a knockout. Part of the reason for his confidence comes from the treatment approach, diet and training advice he has imparted on Diaz. A world-renowned sports medicine chiropractor from Chicago, Stoxen has successfully treated a wide range of athletes, members of the entertainment industry and others over the past 20 years.

Dr. Stoxen has pioneered the treatment of arthritis, back and joint injuries and other problems that can originate from problems in the structure of the foot and ankle. Stoxen said, “Diaz first came to Team Doctors Treatment Center in 2002 after he had surgery for a complete Achilles tendon tear, a typically career-ending injury in athletes. The reason why this Achilles strained and snapped was because of a common condition, which worsened until the tendon couldn’t handle the stress and strain and gave way.

“David was always a great fighter who has had the combination of stress and strain leading to wear and tear over the years from a collapsed arch in his foot,” said Stoxen. “Because his conditioning was limited to running and basic boxing calisthenics, his foot and arch lost its spring due to a common phenomenon of a reduction in the bodies elasticity.”

Stoxen rebuilt David’s body completely by hand, a process which took hours and days. After that, he designed a strength and conditioning program which helped lead to seven knockouts in seven fights.

“David always had the power, speed and agility,” Stoxen said. “However with this lack of lower body elasticity was performing at 70% thinking he was at 100%. Then the injury occurred. When we unlocked the elasticity in his body his improvements in performance were huge. Soon he was knocking everyone out with a punch or two, something David has not been known for in his past.”

David tried other methods of training with variable degrees of success. But, when he got the title shot against Jose Armando Santa Cruz for WBC Lightweight Title on August 12th 2006, Stoxen was called in to manage David’s treatment, diet, strength and conditioning for the fight. The result was a 10th round knockout.

“We don’t give advice on boxing technique. That is the job of the trainers,” said Stoxen. “We just reveal the secrets to how to make the body perform better.”

Stoxen’s approach to treatment means he doesn’t wait for pain, but involves looking for any abnormalities in the movement patterns of the athletes, which indicate reductions in the bodies natural elastic recoil mechanisms. When he finds these restrictions and weaknesses, he uses a combination of hands on muscle and tendon work he has taught to over 20,000 medical doctors and scientists from over 60 countries at international medical conferences.

He also designed a unique brand of what he calls “eccentric foundation training” to improve the tissue elasticity of the body and particularly the arch of the feet and lower half of the body.

“We can see immediate and significant improvements in an athlete’s performance without any training,” said Stoxen.

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