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10/18/2007 Archived Entry: "Dr. Stoxen's 'When Exercise Accelerates Aging' Featured on WGN News!"

Dr. Stoxen's 'When Exercise Accelerates Aging' Featured on WGN News!

By Juan C. Ayllon

StoxHernanGonz (50k image)

Left to right: 'Macho' Miguel Hernandez, Dr. Stoxen, and Al 'Speedy' Gonzalez pose for the camera in 2004

CHICAGO - Usually people turn to exercise to turn back the clock. However, misapplied, it can backfire.

So says chiropractor Dr. Stoxen, DC, who works with a lot of Chicagoland boxers and is slated to appear on a WGN news broadcast tentatively this Friday night, October 19th.

"They interviewed me about my techniques for reversing fallen arches," said Stoxen. "When you walk or run with arch problems you have more wear and tear, inflammation and aging of the joints."

Stoxen continued, "There will be a patient of mine on the segment who had sciatica for 20 years and chronic fatigue. She weighed 370 pounds and her feet were badly deformed from 49 years with such an excess load on her frame. Now she runs barefoot, climbed a 20 foot tree, bikes, swims and lost 180 pounds with no complications to the exercise effecting the aging process."

A producer of the show said that the show is tentatively scheduled for airing Friday, October19, at 9 pm. In Chicago, WGN appears on Channel 9.

"The news spot will probably be on Friday night news after Smackdown WWE," Stoxen said. "You will love the story. Its inspiring and uplifting as opposed to all the negativity on the news."

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