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Philadelphia's Boxing Heritage

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02/09/2008 Entry: "Who Lies There? A Compendium of Boxer's Obituaries"

Who Lies There? A Compendium of Boxer's Obituaries by Mike DeLisa & Johnny Bos

wholies (83k image)

Over 100 pages of obituaries of boxers, fighters, managers, and promoters. The gamut runs from the most famous to the most obscure. Complete obituaries are reprinted, and serve as an immense guide to furgter research for the boxing fan -- or as a bet-settler for the true stat geek.

Learn of the sad end of Gene Tunney opponent Wolf Larson, who once stole a milk wagon (horse and all) and tried to pawn it for a bottle of hootch. You probably never heard of Jack LaFontise, who dies while attended by his brothers, pro boxers themselves, but you won't forget his story.

Some of the nation's besst sportswriters describe the end of many of our boxing heroes and villains -- Gene Tunney, Sugar Ray Robinson, Kid Chocolate, Jack Johnson, Benny Leonard, Harry Greb, Jem Ward, Bob Fitzsimmons, Joe Jennette (Jeanette), Al Palzer, Benny Bass and hundreds of others.

Which boxer died after drinking carbolic acid? Who died while making moonshine whisky when his still exploded? Who drowned? This book answers all of these questions.

Size 8 1/2 x 11 inches, bound.

About the Authors:

Mike DeLisa, author of Cinderella Man and consultant to the film, is the founder of the Cyber Boxing Zone ( His archives are immesurably large, having been convinced by the late Hank Kaplan that it is normal to have a 7- or 8-year backlog of materials for filing. He is director of the award-winning documentary "The Superfight: Ali vs. Marciano" (search eBay for a copy!) ,and is working on several other film and book projects. And, just to show he is not just "olive oil skin and guinea charm," he appeared on-screen as an extra in the movie, Rocky Balboa.

Johnny Bos is a legendary characrter in boxing circles. His first record book -- the 1968 East Coast Record Book with Flash Gordon -- was financed by heavyweight Devil Green. His matchmaking skills are without peer, and his knowledge of the game unsurpassed.

* * *

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