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Philadelphia's Boxing Heritage

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11/25/2008 Archived Entry: "Photos from World Boxing Hall of Fame"

Photos from World Boxing Hall of Fame

By Dan Hanley

LennoxWBHF043 (82k image)

Lennox Lewis accepting induction to the class of '08.

LOS ANGELES, November 15th -- The annual World Boxing Hall of Fame extravaganza was a big success, and here are some photos to prove it!

WBHF0837 (93k image)

Photo #2 - Marvin Johnson accepting induction.

Also inducted were Pernell Whitaker, who could not attend and Greg Haugen. In the non-participatory category, Alberto Reyes of Reyes boxing eqpt, Gilberto Mendoza of the WBA and trainer Miguel Diaz were on hand for induction. In the posthumous category, Guido Bardelli, AKA Young Firpo was inducted.

WBHF0812 (129k image)

Photo #3 - Seated - Alex Ramos, Terrible Terry Norris and LeeRoy Murphy at the memorabilia show. Standing - John Montes and Danny 'Little Red' Lopez

WBHF08021 (129k image)

Photo #4 - Mia St. John, George Chuvalo, Carlos Ortiz, Yaqui Lopez, Gaspar Ortega and Bobby Chacon

WBHF0825a (105k image)

Photo #5 - Former 3 time Lt heavyweight champ and 2008 inductee Marvin Johnson and 1984 Olympic gold medalist Paul Gonzalez

WBHF0831 (96k image)

Photo #6 - Former featherweight champ Raul Rojas and former lightweight champ Rodolfo 'El Gato' Gonzalez

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