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03/16/2009 Entry: "Euro-Beat Update"

Euro-Beat Update

By Per Ake Persson
Courtesy of Boxing Press

Former WBO heavy champ Chris Byrd, who fought both Klitschko-brothers looks to continue his career at cruiser and face German Ralf Riemer in the chief support to Klitschko vs Gomez March 21 in Stuttgart. Riemer, 8-6-2, is not exactly the toughest opponent around even at national level.

Another former Wladimir Klitschko opponent, Tony Thompson, is in against Adnan Serin -- a brave German heavy who always gives his best. K 2 East brings in big Belorus Alexander Ustinov, who square off against American Danny Batchelder. Kronkīs new heavy Nathan James is also on the bill. The show is supervised by the BDB.

Irish middle Andy Lee faces German Alexander Sipos March 21 in Dublin on the Cordoba -- Dunne undercard. The press release from Brian Peters Promotions indicate that Sipos fell victim off a bad decision in Finland against then EBU champ Amin Asikainen - well, he didnīt but is still a decent fighter.

Arena Box Promotionīs latest press release highlights one of the most important men behind Juan Carlos Gomez and his career: his cousin Oscar Millan Collazo. Oscar has been with Juan Carlos all through his procareer, the ups and downs, to Germany, to the US and back to Germany and is now residing in Rostock. Gomez is now trained by Orlando Cuellar with Moritz Klassen handling the conditioning but without Oscar in the background it just wouldnīt be the same.

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