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03/18/2009 Entry: "What’s Next for Mosley?"

What’s Next for Mosley?

By: Jason Sardelis

DSCF6018 (94k image)

According to Golden Boy’s Richard Schaefer, “Sugar” Shane Mosley will disregard some writers implications he should call it quits. Some even insinuated that after Mosley’s second beating of the Golden Boy Oscar DeLaHoya it was down hill noting two loses each to Vernon Forrest and Winky Wright.

It was his very close unanimous decision loss to undefeated WBA welterweight Champion Miguel Cotto that forced some to give the five time world champions another glance.

When Mosley decided to meet Margarito after "Tijuana Tornado’s" destruction of Cotto all those nay sayers jumped back on the negative band wagon not giving Mosley a chance.

Then January 24, 2009 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California in Mosley and Margarito’s backyard the “Sugarman” a 4-1 underdog dominated then destroyed Margarito stopping him in nine. The speed, the body attack and a new radar like right hand flashed us back to the late 90’s early 2000’s when “Sugar” stopped the likes of Antonio Diaz, Willie Wise, Adrian Stone and Wilfredo Rivera to name a few.

Now the big question is at 37 years of age can he continue and how long will it take to get a big name fight? Mosley always took on all comers has called out Mayweather and most recently looked for a rematch with Miguel Cotto. Cotto has chosen to meet IBF welterweight champ Joshua Clottey in June around the Puerto Rican Parade at Madison Square Garden instead.

Mosley has made it clear he would take on the winner of Pacquiao and Hatton but most see Mosley too big and strong for either and the winner looking elsewhere. Should Cotto get past Clottey and posses the WBO and IBF belts it would be a no brainer to throw Shane’s WBA title to the pot.

A unification fight with WBC Welterweight Title holder Andre Berto is another alternative but besides the belt I don’t see it as much of draw with Berto’s razor thin win over Luis Collazzo who was pounded from bell to bell by Mosley. Although Berto’s belt make it an smart choice given that Mosley could stay busy and add another belt to the mix making the Cotto rematch almost a must.

Top welterweights Sebastian Andres Lujan is there but no big attraction. Sergio Gabriel Martinez and Kermit Cintron just fought to a draw so not much there. So it seems Mosley’s hands are tied. He has only two real options wait out the Hatton, Pacquiao, Mayweather sweepstakes or press Cotto into a welterweight unification fight taking Berto’s belt.

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