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03/19/2009 Entry: "Roy Jones, Jr. Breaks Up Lashley-Guida Skirmish at Press Conference"

Roy Jones, Jr. Breaks Up Lashley-Guida Skirmish at Press Conference

Press Release

At the final press conference in Pensacola yesterday, Bobby Lashley read some excerpts at the podium of what Jason Guida had been saying in the press. At that time, Guida shot back with, "This is a real fight. Not what you have been used to. This is not fake - these are real punches."

When it was time to do the "face-off" photo, the matter escalated to the point where Guida grabbed Lashley by the throat. "Promoter" Roy Jones, Jr. had to get between them to break it up.
The video is posted on you-tube.
Catch it here...

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