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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

Marcellus Baker

BORN   July 29 1846; Newburg Centre, Maine (Some sources report 07/29/1841)
DIED May 23 1892; Boston, Massachusetts (pneumonia)
WEIGHT 130-135 lbs
Jan  3 Tom Duffy                  Newburgh, NY                     WF  1

Jun    Peter Daly                 Lewiston, Me                      W   

Jul 13 Charlie Belcher                                             LF 19
          -Some sources report "KO 15" in Bangor, Me

Jul 22 Charlie Belcher            near Bangor, Me                  KO  5

Aug 30 Jim Hayes                  Campolo Island, Me               KO  1
          -This bout was held near "Eastport, Me"

       Young Prince               New York, NY                      D 11
          -This bout was held during the Spring of 1873

Jun    Professor Briggs                                             W   
       Jim Hayes                  Lewiston, Me                     KO  5
          -This bout was held during the Fall of 1874

Dec    J. Crockett                Boston, Ma                        W   

Oct    Edward McGlinchey          Bangor, Me                        D  2
          -Some sources report 10/01/1873; Police intervened;
           Perhaps, this is a reference to the 1873 bout (see below)

Mar  3 Warwick "Warry" Edwards    Boston, Ma                       EX   
Apr    Warwick "Warry" Edwards    Boston, Ma                       KO  4
Dec    George Brennan             Boston, Ma                       KO  3

       John McCann                Boston, Ma                        W   

Nov 26 Jimmy Hurst                Bangor, Me                        D  4
          -Some sources report "KO"; Police intervened
Dec    Billy Frazier              Boston, Ma                       LT  1
          -Some sources report "L 1"

Jan 25 Danny Gill                 Boston, Ma                       EX   
Mar 19 George Fulljames           Boston, Ma                       EX  3
Aug  9 John Robinson              Bangor, Me                        W  4

Jan    Billy Andreas              Muskegon, Mi                      W   
Jan 21 John "Jack" King           Cleveland, Oh                     D  6
Jan 30 Tommy McMahon              Detroit, Mi                       L  4
Feb 16 Dick Wentling              Cleveland, Oh                    LK  1
Feb 25 Ed Thomas                  Pittsburgh, Pa                    D  4
Apr 22 Jack Havlin                Boston, Ma                        D  6
Jun 28 Flurry Driscoll            Gloucester, Ma                   EX  1
Aug 13 Jack Williams              Boston, Ma                       EX  3
Oct 15 Mike Daly                  Bangor, Me                       LT  4
Nov 11 Mike Barry                 Hogdon's Island, Me              LF  3
          -This bout was held near Augusta, Me
Dec  1 Jack Havlin                Boston, Ma                       EX  3
          -Some sources report "ND 3"

Jan 29 Billy Frazier              Taunton, Ma                       D  4
Mar  7 Young Harlin               Boston, Ma                        D   
Mar 20 Albo Miller                Boston, Ma                        D  4
Mar 26 Jack Stewart               Portland, Me                      D  4
Sep  1 Harry Gilmore              Ottawa, Ont, Canada               L  6

Apr  5 Billy Dacey                Richmond, Va                      D  3
Dec 13 Billy Frazier              Boston, Ma                       EX  4
          -Some sources report "ND 4"
Dec 17 Paddy Duffy                Boston, Ma                       EX   

Jan 5 -Baker was scheduled to attend the gathering of the Welcome
          Associates in East Boston, Ma; Also attending were Paddy Duffy,
          Billy Frazier, Dick Cronin, Patsy Kerrigan, John Green,
          Jimmy Carroll and Frank Steele; There may have been sparring
Jan 24 Jack McDonald              Woburn, Ma                       EX   
Feb 14 Tom Tulley                 Philadelphia, Pa                  L  4
May 27 Dick Cronin                Boston, Ma                       EX   

May 22 George Isaac               Richmond, Va                      D   
          -Isaac was the Middlewieght Champion of Virginia
May 22 Carey Traube               Richmond, Va                     NC  2
         -Baker knocked down Traube;
          The crowd became unruly and police intervened;
          The previous 2 bouts were held the same date;

May  6 Harry Keenan               Richmond, Va                     LT  7

Dec  1 Jimmy Eustace              Middletown, Oh                   LK  6

Sep 28 George Dixon               Montreal, Que, Canada            EX  3

Feb 15 Tim McCarthy               Boston, Ma                       EX   
Mar 23 Robert Burns               Providence, RI                   LK  1

*** The Following Bout Is Reported But Not Confirmed ***
Oct    Edward McGlinchey                                            D  2
          -Perhaps, this is a reference to the 1878 bout (see above)

*** Most Data And Photo Provided By William Schutte ***

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization