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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Black Dynamite

Ed Binney
(Edward Phinney)

BORN   April 19 1864; Washington, District of Columbia (Fought out of Boston, Ma and Cambridge, Ma)
WEIGHT 154 lbs
MANAGER Tom O'Rourke

Binney was a clever boxer and a stinging puncher; He was a Colored Middleweight Champion of the World during the 1888-1892 years

Apr 26 Lew [Henry] Jones           Boston, Ma                      KO  4
Dec    Lew [Henry] Jones           Boston, Ma                      KO  2

Jan 31 Jim Keyes                   Boston, Ma                      TK  6   
         -Colored Middleweight Championship of Boston
Mar 21 Lew [Henry] Jones           Boston, Ma                       W  3
May 27 Jack Steele                 Boston, Ma                      EX   

Feb 20 John Banks                  Boston, Ma                      TK 14
         -Some sources report Colored Middleweight Championship of the World;
          Some sources report the scheduled bout ended as "D 13"; Three extra
          rounds were fought to determine the winner (W 16)
Mar 24 Dick Guthrie                Boston, Ma                       L 10
Apr 27 Dick Guthrie                Boston, Ma                       D  7
Jun  8 Jim Cross                   Boston, Ma                       W  3
Jun 22 Wiley Evans                 Boston, Ma                      TK  7
         -Colored Middleweight Championship of the World;
          Some sources report 1890
Jun 26 Dick Guthrie                Boston, Ma                      EX  3

Apr 24 "Woburn" Tom McCarthy       Cambridge, Ma                   EX   
May 23 Jim Phelan                  Cambridge, Ma                    W  3

Feb  3 Jim Godfrey                 Brockton, Ma                     D  6
Apr  2 Jim Godfrey                 Boston, Ma                       D 12
       "Bald-Headed" Jimmy Carroll Boston, Ma                      KO  1
       Dick Guthrie                Boston, Ma                      KO  5

Feb 10 George "Deacon" Smith       Boston, Ma                      KO  5
Feb 20 John L. Cattanach           Boston, Ma                      KO  2
Oct 15 Fred Morris                 Philadelphia, Pa                ND  4
          -Some sources report "NC 2" on 10/15/1892
Nov 30 Black Pearl (Harris Martin) San Francisco, Ca               KO 26
          -Colored Middleweight Championship of the World;
           Some sources report "KO 25"

Feb  3 Moffatt Flaherty            Providence, RI                  KO 12
Apr 5 Jack McGee Boston, Ma W 4
Alec Greggains Coney Island, NY NC -Some sources report Aug 1892 Oct 22 Fred Woods Philadelphia, Pa ND-L 4 Oct 24 Joe Butler Philadelphia, Pa LK 2 -Colored Middleweight Championship of the World; Some sources report 9/14/92; Some report 11/13/92 1893 Oct 17 Ed Jamison Providence, RI KO 5 Oct 31 Jim Godfrey Boston, Ma D 4 Nov 13 John E. Butler Lynn, Ma EX 3 Dec 13 Billy Hennessey Boston, Ma D 6 -Some sources report "D 8" 1894 Jan 19 George Godfrey Boston, Ma EX 3 Mar 16 Charley Lynch Boston, Ma KO 1 Apr 9 Professor Pyform Rockland, Me EX 3 May 21 Moffatt Flaherty Boston, Ma EX 3 Aug 27 Bob Downs EX 3 Dec 29 Professor Pyform Gloucester, Ma D 7 1895 Feb 25 Dick O'Brien Boston, Ma LT 14 1897 Jan 18 Dick O'Brien Bangor, Me D 8 -Some sources report 1/25/97 Apr 15 Joe Eastman Frederickston, NB, Canada W 8 Dec 16 Ike Talbot Bangor, Me D 8

*** The Following Bouts Are Reported But Not Confirmed ***

       George LaBlanche                                             W   

       Joe Godfrey                                                 KO  1
       Joe Godfrey                                                  D 15
          -Perhaps, the previous 2 bouts were with "Jim Godfrey"

*** Some Data Was Provided By Kevin Smith ***

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Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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