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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

Jack McAuley

WEIGHT 150-160 lbs

McAuley was a popular fighter in the San Francisco area; He was a stiff challenge for upcoming youngsters and some talented old fellows too

May  9 Charley Hones              San Francisco, Ca                 KO 10
Aug  9 Charley Hones              San Francisco, Ca                  L 10
Nov 13 Charley Hones              San Francisco, Ca       (1:22:00)  W 21

Jan  7 Charles Goldsmith          San Francisco, Ca                  W  6
Jan    Jack Elliott               San Francisco, Ca                 EX   

Jun 11 Martin "Buffalo" Costello  San Francisco, Ca                  L 13
Jul    Dick Matthews              San Francisco, Ca                 KO   
          -Perhaps, this bout was confused with the 7/09/86 bout between
           Matthews and Joe McAuliffe
Jul 25 P. Sullivan                San Francisco, Ca                  L 16
Nov 14 Charley Hones              San Francisco, Ca                  W   

Apr  3 Mike Brennan               Port Costa, Ca                     D 17
          -This bout was fought with gloves; The crowd interfered;
           Some sources report that Brennan had eight wins at this
           point in his career
Jun    Joe Choynski               San Francisco, Ca                 LT  2

Feb 14 Joe Choynski               San Francisco, Ca                 EX  3
Jul 20 Ed Cuffe                   San Francisco, Ca                 KO  7

Feb  9 Tom McIlwain               San Francisco, Ca                 EX  3
          -Perhaps, this man was "Tom 'Soap' McAlpin"
Apr 17 Joe Bowers                 San Francisco, Ca                 LK 15
May    Tom Lees                   San Francisco, Ca                 EX   
          -McAuley and Lee held sparring sessions in
           preparation for the Lees-Joe McAuliffe bout

Mar  9 Jim Fell                   Salinas, Ca                       LK  2
Jul  4 Tom Johnson                Marysville, Ca                    LK  4

Jan 28 Dan Connors                Los Angeles, Ca                   TK 55

Jul 28 Tom Sharkey                Honolulu, Oahu, Ha                LK  1
          -Some sources report "Vallejo, Ca"

Sep 27 -McAuley seconded Dick Tiernan vs Bill Toy in San Francisco, Ca

Dec 30 -Cedar Rapids (Ia) Evening Gazette wrote, "Jack McAuley, who was 
          a crackerjack, has been lost sight of. The last heard of him, he was
          training horses on an outlaw track."

Aug 27 Fred Beel                  Marshfield, Wi                     L   
          -This was a wrestling match; Falls: 2-3

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization