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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

"Bandsman" Dick Rice
(Domenico Risi)

BORN   February 6 1887; Leeds, Yorkshire, England
DIED 1969; Leeds, Yorkshire, England
HEIGHT 5-10 1/2
WEIGHT 175-183 lbs

Rice was a scrappy competitor who was quick on his feet and possessed splendid balance; Dick was a first cousin to Ernie Rice, the boxer, and Antonio Rice, the musician

Rice was awarded the Legion d'honneur or Croix de Guerre in World War I

Dick defeated such men as William "Iron" Hague, Matthew "P.O." Curran, Frank Craig, Harry Reeve, Charlie Knock, Denis Haugh, Jack Meekins, "Guardsman" Charlie Penwill,

       Seaman Smales                                                 KO  2
       Charlie Knock                                                  W 10
Sep 11 Jack Meekins               London, England                    KO  3
Oct  2 Curly Watson               London, England                     W  6
          -Some sources report "W 10"
Oct 23 Curly Watson               London, England                    LT  5
       Bob Scanlon                                                    W 10

Apr 15 Charley Hitte                                                  W 15
       Battling LaCroix                                               W 15
Aug 31 Matthew "P.O." Curran      Plymouth, England                  LK  1
Sep 12 Denis Haugh                London, England                    TK  4
Oct 24 Frank Craig                London, England                    WF  7

Feb  6 Tom Thomas                 London, England                    WF 18
Mar 11 "Gunner" Gus Rawles        Liverpool, England                 TK  5
Mar    "Young" John L. Sullivan   London, England                     W 10
Oct 14 Jack Howard                Sydney, NSW, Australia             TK 11
          -Some sources report "KO 8"
       Terry Martin                                                  KO  5
       Harry Duncan                                                   D  6
       "Private" Dan Voyles       London, England                     W  3
       "Private" Jim Harris                                           D 10
Nov 11 Dave Smith                 Sydney, NSW, Australia              L 20
Dec 16 "Cyclone" Johnny Thompson  Sydney, NSW, Australia              W 20

Jan 13 Terry Kellar               Sydney, NSW, Australia             TK  7
          -Some sources report "WF 7"; Some sources report "L 20"
Mar 30 "Private" Jim Harris       London, England                     L 10
Apr 27 Tom Cowler                 London, England                     W 15
          -Some sources report "W 10"
Jun 10 Bob Scanlon                London, England                     W 20
          -Some sources report 6/12/12
Jul  6 "Private" Jim Harris       London, England                     W 10
Jul 20 Johnny Mathieson           Birkenhead, England                 W 20
Sep 21 "Private" Jim Harris       London, England                     W 10
Sep 30 Private Ransome            London, England                    TK  4
Oct 26 George "Boer" Rodel        London, England                     D 10
Nov 11 Gunner Ellis               London, England                     W  4

Jan  9 Gustave Marthuin           Liverpool, England                  W 20
          -Some sources report 1/11/13
Feb 12 Georges Carpentier         Paris, France                      LK  2
          -EBU Light Heavyweight Championship of Europe
Feb 28 Harry Mansfield            London, England                     W 10
Mar 13 Bob Scanlon                Liverpool, England                  W 10
Apr 30 "Bombardier" Billy Wells   Liverpool, England                  L 20
          -BBBC Heavyweight Championship of Great Britain
May  5 Bill Chase                 London, England                    KO  7
May 19 Louis Verger               London, England                    KO  6
Jun 28 Sabri Mahir                London, England                    TK 20
Oct 31 "Gunner" Gus Rawles        Liverpool, England                 TK 13
          -Some sources report Gunner Rawles fought "Bandsman Jack Blake"
Nov 17 Bob Scanlon                London, England                     W 20
          -Some sources report "W 15"
Dec  8 Hawker Wilson              Leeds, England                     WF  2
Dec 15 Stoker Smith               Birkenhead, England                TK 13
London Daily Mail, Nov 18 1913
Feb 24 "Bombardier" Billy Wells   Belfast, Ireland                   LK  6
          -BBBC Heavyweight Championship of Great Britain
Mar 25 William "Iron" Hague       London, England                     W 15
Dec 27 "Bombardier" Billy Wells   Liverpool, England                 LK  1
          -BBBC Heavyweight Championship of Great Britain;
           Some sources report "LK 2"

Feb  7 Dan McGoldrick             Bradford, England                  KO  4
May 11 Harry Reeve                Liverpool, England                  L 20
Dec  8 Matthew "P.O." Curran      Plymouth, England                   W 15

Jun  9 Eddie McGoorty             Blackpool, England                 LK  1
          -Some sources report "Shefield, England"
Aug  8 Tom Berry                  Hull, England                       D 20
Aug 11 Harry Curzon               Grimsby, England                    W 20
Dec 19 Paul Journee               Paris, France                       D 15

Jan 19 Harry Reeve                London, England                     W 20
Feb  5 Paul Journee               London, England                     D 15
Apr 22 Jeff Smith                 London, England                    LK  2
May 17 "Guardsman"Charlie Penwill Newcastle, England                 TK 18
Nov 16 "Fighting" Bob Martin      Boston, Ma                         LK  2

Feb  1 "K.O." Bill Brennan        Buffalo, NY                        LK  2
Jun 25 "Wild" Bert Kenny          Sheffield, England                 NC  8
          -Some sources report Kenny fought "Bandsman Jack Blake"
Nov  7 Roland Todd                Leeds, England                     LF 12
Dec 19 Paul Journee               Paris, France                       L 15

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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