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12/11/2004 Archived Entry: "David Diaz Stops Jaime Rangel in 9th Round of Ferocious Battle, "Speedy" Gonzales Dominates Ortega via UD!"

David Diaz Stops Jaime Rangel in 9th Round of Ferocious Battle, "Speedy" Gonzales Dominates Ortega via UD!

By Ben Torres at Ringside

DiazVictorious (22k image)
Diaz celebrates his hard fought victory

The historic and newly renovated Aragon Ballroom on the northside of Chicago, with it's beautiful crystal chandeliers, mosaics, terra-cotta ceilings lined with twinkling stars, and projected clouds, was the setting for an exciting seven fight event promoted by Dominic Pesoli's Eight Count Productions. The exquisite ballroom architecture was a perfect setting for the primitive beauty of this pugilistic dance. The ballroom was designed to emulate a Spanish palace courtyard and it was a befitting setting since David Diaz was treated like royalty as he made his ring entrance.

Coming into the ring with the full spirit of his hometown behind him, world ranked Diaz came in the ring on a mission to please the packed house. He did not have to try very hard. Few in the crowded ballroom had no suspicion as to what was to unfold. David Diaz (26-0-0, 14 KO) and Jaime Rangel (29-7-1, 25 KO), put on a bout that will definitely rank up there with fight of the year. Too bad it wasn't televised. In what can only be described as beautifully brutal, these two lightweight combatants put on a show that was truly pay-per-view worthy. This was a fight, not a boxing match. As one ringside observer put it, "This is some gladiator sh*t! Some real life and death sh*t!" Indeed it was.


Diaz (136 lbs) set to work on the Colombians body early and then moved up to his head with brilliant effectiveness. Rangel (138), however did not come to lose and put on a determined effort in the first to try and prevent Diaz from imposing his will.

Rd. 2

Rangel came out strong in the second landing a beautiful straight right that shook Diaz up momentarily. Diaz must have underestimated Rangel's hand speed and strength, as he looked surprised by the Florida resident's attributes; However, Diaz closed the round with a beautiful sharp combinations that brought shouts from the crowd.

DiazExchangeSm (42k image)
Rangel (L) and Diaz bang away on the ropes

Rd. 3

The beginning of the round was brutal as both fighters landed vicious right hands that sent each other staggering across the ring in the opening minute. Things progressively got bloodier as Diaz sustained a nasty gash on the back of his head that had blood rolling down his neck. Rangel had a busted right eye where the blood flowed freely. The vicious exchanges excited the crowd and brought hoots and howls as the round ended.

Rd. 4

Diaz utilizing his slightly faster hands staggered Rangel at the opening bell only to have Rangel fire back with straight lefts from his southpaw stance and then dared Diaz to hit him while his hands were down. Diaz obliged and closed the round in exciting fashion with quick combinations that penetrated Rangel's defense along the ropes.

Rd. 5

Diaz continued at this brake neck pace as he hammered Rangel with effective head and body shots along the ropes. The accuracy of the punches was frighteningly scary. The left hook to the body towards the end weakened Rangel who finally took a few steps back to catch his breath only to fire back with some effective body shots of his own.

DiazMixingItUpSm (32k image)
Diaz bangs away at Rangel along the ropes

Rd. 6

Rangel opened the round up with some accidental low blows resulting in a point loss. Diaz caught his breath and proceeded to employ his better technique against the rugged Colombian. However, midway through the round Rangel roared back with effective head and body shots but the steam seemed to be gone from his punches due to Diaz's body attack.

Rd. 7

The bout seemed to have slowed down at the beginning of the round until Diaz landed a vicious left hook that sent Rangel staggering across the ring. Diaz employed short punches on the inside to try and dissect his man but Rangel's jaw must have been made of granite because he fired back with effective combinations that sent Diaz's head snapping back. Once again, the Chicago favorite proved his mettle and forced Rangel to the ropes and fired away with head and body shots that had this writer amazed.

Rd. 8

Proving that he was human Rangel opened the round backing up and trying to counter. Diaz seemed unstoppable at this point as he plowed into his foe only to be hit low in retaliation resulting in another point deduction. At this point Diaz's superior technique and inside work began to pay off as Rangel slowed noticeably at the end of the round.

DiazFinishing (27k image)
Diaz(R) applies finishing touches on Rangel

Rd. 9

Showing incredible recuperative powers Rangel who seemed out, at the end of the previous round started the 9th firing combinations to the head and body refusing to let Diaz impose his will. However Diaz would not be denied and backed Rangel up against the ropes and began firing consecutive shots to the head that continuosly snapped Rangel's head back prompting his corner to step in and waive off the bout at 2:25 of the 9th.

The crowd in their appreciation for this dynamic effort that they just witnessed, gave their native son a well deserved ovation at the end of the fight. Rangel has nothing to be ashamed of as he never gave way or quit, preferring to go out on his shield until his corner stepped. After the bout the Olympian celebrated with his wife who is five months into her pregancy, and stayed many minutes after the fight showing his appreciation to his hometown fans by shaking hands, taking photos, and signing autographs. The atmosphere remained eletctric with discussions of the ferocity of the bout taking place even after Diaz departed the ballroom. Diaz needs a well deserved rest and is scheduled to fight the tough Kendell Holt in February.

GonzalezMixdown (44k image)
Gonzalez (R) and Ortega swap punches along the ropes

In the cofeatured bout of the evening, Chicago favorite Al "Speedy" Gonzalez (15-1-1, 7 KOs) faced off against tough man Roberto "El Zuro de Oro" Ortega (17-11-2) in a 10 round bout of junior welterweights. Ortega came to fight and set a quick pace while the patient Gonzalez sought to establish his jab in the first round. Both men had good exchanges in the opening frame with both landing effective head and body shots along the ropes. Using an accurate jab, Gonzalez began to make adjustments in his strategy in the second round and became more effective as he moved inside landing telling body shots.

Switching to a southpaw stance midway through the fight, Gonzalez began to land hard left hooks that sent Ortega's head snapping backwards. The speedy one then lured Ortega to the ropes and began to counter beautifully with uppercuts and hooks that seem to tire the Floridian.

Towards the end of the bout Ortega's blows began to purposefully stray south of the border, which angered the Chicago native. Gonzalez then fired back with vicious head and body shots that shook the solid Ortega who began to go into retreat mode.

GonzalesAttackSm (33k image)
Gonzales (L) unloads on Ortega

In the eighth round, Ortega tried to mount an attack that proved to pay off in some effective body shots and his best round of the fight. Gonzalez, having lost some of his speed, was getting caught by Ortega's straight left. However with his hometown crowd behind him Gonzalez bullied Ortega against the ropes and began to unleash accurate combinations on his foe that had Ortega holding on and refusing to engage in the final round.

The judges scored the bout 97-92, 99-90, 96-93 for Speedy Gonzalez.

A great card and a great main event brought to us Dominic Pesoli and 8 Count Productions.

Roving reporter Juan Ayllon caught up with world ranked top 10 heavyweight "Fast" Fres Oquendo last night who was in attendance. Oquendo was gracious, took some photos and stated, "I have some big news next week give me a call then!" Boxing fans can't wait to hear what that news will be.

More to come on the thrilling undercard!

GonzalesCampCelebratesSm (35k image)

From left to right: Pat Doljanin, Jesse Reid, Al "Speedy" Gonzales, Octavius
James, and Albert Falcon

BenandFres (25k image)

Ben Torres (L) and Fres Oquendo visit at ringside

FigueroaWhiteRingside (26k image)

Fighters Rita Figueroa and Jermaine White visit at ringside

To see additional photos, click on this link:

Photos by Juan C. Ayllon

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