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09/17/2005 Archived Entry: "Marcos Upsets Tapia in Stoppage Victory, Martinez Stops Martinez in ‘Viva Mexico’!"

Marcos Upsets Tapia in Stoppage Victory, Martinez Stops Martinez in ‘Viva Mexico’!

By Juan C. Ayllon at ringside

TapiaAttacking1a (82k image)

Johnny Tapia (left) shows flashes of his former brilliance (Josh Walls photo)

CHICAGO, September 16, 2005 – Four time world champion Johnny “Mi Vida Loca” Tapia’s hopes for one more title suffered a serious setback as he succumbed to the heavy fists of rugged, B-level fighter, Sandro Marcos. Actually, make that one well-placed left hook to the liver.

In round one, Tapia, 126 lbs., 55-4-2, 28 KO’s, showed flashes of championship form as he maintained a crisp jab and moved well as the taller Marcos, 126 lbs., 24-13-2, 20 KO’s, plodded after him. Marcos landed several hard combinations. At one point, Marcos—who seemed honored to be in the ring with a former champ and living legend—landed a low blow and apologized as Tapia took a deep breath.

In round two, Tapia appeared to be stepping it up as he drilled the body with a stiff right and Marcos landed a left hook to the head. Marcos dug a heavy left to Tapia’s stomach. Marco swung ponderous blows up top, while Tapia peppered using spry jabs and good movement.

TapiaDown (72k image)
Tapia is counted out (Josh Walls photo)

However, Marcos drove Tapia to the ropes with a heavy right. Following up, he bounced a hard left hook off Tapia’s jaw, several jarring shots to the head and dug a vicious left hook to the left lower ribs/liver area that dropped a pained Tapia to all fours. He complained in vain, as Referee Gino Rodriguez counted him out at 2:59 of round two.

He hugged this writer upon exiting the ring, but later inexplicably left him hanging in the lurch, along with several other reporters. After waiting over 30 minutes in the hallway outside his dressing room, they were re-directed by a member of Tapia's team to meet him at another point in the building nearby. Then, he simply never showed. Later, Indiana boxing promoter Octavius James, who had been in the dressing room, confirmed that he had taken Tapia to his car, as “he had had enough.”

RaulMartinezWhatHappened (48k image)
A stunned and disappointed Raul Martinez surveys the situation (Josh Walls photo)

In a bizarre match, two time amateur national champion Raul Martinez, 117.5 lbs., 9-0-0, 6 KO’s, stopped Miguel Martinez, 41-24-1, 31 KO’s, in round one of the co-main event of the evening.

After circling and exchanging a few jabs, Raul Martinez half hooked, half pulled Miguel Martinez and he went down grabbing the back of his head. The referee counted him out at 48 seconds into round one. Many at ringside were wondering what happened and booed roundly. After doctors examined him, Miguel Marquez was still holding the back of his head as he shook hands with Raul.

Raul Martinez confirmed this writers view, saying, “That’s about it. I landed the shot and that was it. It’s a shame that it happened this way after I trained so hard. That’s bull (bleep). It would have been nice if I landed a real shot.”

Regardless, real shots were landed aplenty in a successful night of boxing hosted by Dominic Pesoli's 8 Count Productions, in conjuction with Bob Arum's Top Rank and Telefutura's Solo Boxeo. Dubbed, "Viva Mexico," the rest of the fight card was very entertaining and delivered, as an appreciative crowd roared loudly and often throughout the night.

Details from the under card by Jorge Bravo, as well as photos by Josh Walls, should be posted Sunday.

MarcosTapiaBeater (84k image)

Sandro Marcos celebrates his victory over Johnny Tapia (Josh Walls photo)

IllStateComish1aa (68k image)

Members of the Illinois State Commission of Compliance--including Ron Puccillo (second from right) and Joel Campuzano (far right)--relax at the Uptown Lounge just to the west of the Aragon Ballroom afterwards (Juan C. Ayllon photo)

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