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04/22/2006 Archived Entry: "Binkowski Draws, Reile Prevails in ‘Lightning Strikes’"

Binkowski Draws, Reile Prevails in ‘Lightning Strikes’

By Jorge Bravo at ringside
Photos by Humberto Bravo

BinkowskiLandsLeft (34k image)

Art Binkowski (left) lands a left on Tipton Walker

CICERO, Ill., April 21 – Coming off nearly a one-year layoff, Art “The Polish Warrior” Binkowski couldn’t quite shake the rust off as he fell short on his promise to dispatch Tipton Walker. Although the weather maid didn’t predict thunder, lightning struck Cicero Stadium on Saturday night.

With two hard-hitting heavyweights in the ring, one would predict at least one knockdown by either fighter, but that was not the case. Remaining upright for all six rounds, both fighters absorbed heavy leather to the face.

In an exciting first round, both fighters came out using their jab, as they tested the waters for the first few seconds. Binkowski started to cut into Walker from the middle of the ring, driving Walker closer to the ropes. Walker slipped to the side and knocked Binkowski off balance with a powerful left to the head. Walker pounced, as Binkowski appeared unsteady. As Walker slugged away, Binkowski covered. Still, Walker managed to land several punishing blows to the side of Binkowski’s head. Walker pressed for the knockout, but it never came. Showing heart, Binkowski simply held onto whatever balance he had left and made it to the bell intact.

The few seconds that they have in between rounds seemed to be enough for the Polish Warrior to reestablish his composure, as he waded forward and swapped ponderous blows with the hard-hitting Walker in round two. Falling into his rhythm, Binkowski favored the hook to the body-hook to the head-uppercut combination, which landed with good effect. Walker again landed some hard hits to the Warriors head. However, like former WBO Heavyweight Champion Lamon Brewster, Binkowski absorbed the blows well and stubbornly pressed forward and sought to impose his power game Walker.

WalkerBouncesRight (39k image)
Walker bounces a right off Binkowski

In round three, Binkowski landed a powerful left, making Walker back up. A big right and then a huge uppercut by Binkowski sent Walker’s head flying back. However, if nothing else, Walker showed the Polish Warrior that he could take those hits and what ever else he can dish out. Binkowski began looking sluggish as Walker still showed speed as the round ended.

Binkowski continued to work his game plan in the fourth, cutting up the middle; working his uppercut and his hooks. In turn, Walker landed leather from the top, making Binkowski’s head go from right to left and from glove to glove. As the round ended, The Polish Warrior pounded his chest and raised his glove towards his fans, as if saying, “I can take this guy.”

In the fifth, body shots and uppercuts poured forth from Binkowski. That is, until he landed a solid right on to Walker’s head in the middle of round five. Just a few second before rounds end, both fighters slugged furiously, but neither got that much-wanted knock down.

Walker and Binkowski labored on in the sixth and final round, grasping for but unable to muster up enough to force a knockdown.

The judges score 57 to 57 59 to 55 57 to 57 making this Heavyweight fight a draw.

ReileFist (46k image)
Nora Reyes gets pumped for battle...

Binkowski, 249 lbs., now sports a record of 14-1-3 with nine knockouts, while Walker, 225 lbs., stands at 13-12-2 and six knockouts.

Earlier, before a loud cheering crowd at Cicero Stadium, female boxer Stacey “Stay Low” Reile showed moxie and skill in defeating rugged hometown favorite Nora Reyes by majority decision.

Stacey “Stay-low” Reile —what a hell of an entertainer! Staying low and knocking high seemed to be on Stacey’s agenda on Friday night as she put another notch under her belt after going four rounds against Chicago favorite Nora Reyes.

Even before the first round started they were already exchanging blows (verbal blows I dare not utter in these few sentences), dressing each other up as if there was some sort of long rivalry these two boxers had built up. Tell you one thing, though: that performance really got boxing fans excited about the fight!

ReileLands1a (43k image)
Reile (right) on the attack

In round one, Reyes came out of her corner using her left jab to follow up with a good hook. However, Reile laughed it off, as if saying, “Ah, you got me on that one, but just wait.” Both fighters finished off round one only connecting solidly with a few effective punches. Still, it was an exciting first round.

The crowd was clearly into this fight, as round two got under way. In the fist minute of the second round Reile shoved Reyes down as Reyes charged in. Rising from her knees quickly, Reyes seemed to hold back a bit afterwards. Reile continued pushing and punching Reyes for the remainder of the round.

In the third, Reile used her jab repeatedly to good effect, backing Reyes up against the ropes. Reyes landed some sweet upper cuts on Reile. However, Reile wasn’t going anywhere.

In the fourth and last round, Stacey “Stay-low” Reile dominated in the fierce exchanges, connecting well to body and head.

The judges scored the fight 39-37 twice and 38-38 for the winner by majority decision, Stacey “Stay Low” Reile.

With the win, Reile, 123 lbs., now has 5 wins with two knockouts, while Reyes, 123 lbs., slips to 1-1

ChristinaBangs1a (42k image)
Christian (left) on the attack

Undefeated Christina Christian, 185 lbs., boosted her record to 5-0 with four knockouts in defeating Tachany Evans by unanimous decision over four rounds with scores of 39-37 twice and 40-36. Evans, 179, slips to 1-1 and one knockout.

In what looked more like wrestling than a boxing match, Darby Smart, now 10-3 with four knockouts, beat Omar Reyes by decision over six rounds. Reyes, 122, slips to 2-3.

Other Results:

Emanuel Hernandez 5-2 -1 (144 Lbs) VS Jeff Curran 1-0-1KO (143 Lbs) in a Super lightweight fight

Round One- Hernandez is the first one to land a left on Curran. Without hesitation, Curran comes back with some of his blows right back at Hernandez, while his back was on the ropes. As the first round progress so do the fighters as they dodge, weave and connect punches on each other.

Round Two- Out of the two fighters Hernandez sure shows to be the aggressor as he jabs, hooks and swings Curran back on to the ropes as he did in the first round. Curran while on the ropes lets his hand go by connecting his own formula of uppercuts, hooks to the body and back up to the head. With Hernandez feeling those shots to the body, he backs off for a sec to study the situation and proceeds to again be the aggressor.

Round Three- In round three Hernandez inadvertently gives Curran a low blow, which stops the fight for a few seconds to give Curran some time to gather his thoughts. Afterwards, Hernandez connects a wide hook to Curran’s torso, which seemed to hurt Curran. Round three closes.

Round Four- Hernandez returns his gloves to Curran's left rib cage knowing that in the last round that wide hook to the body took some effect on Curran. The continued blows to Curran’s left ribs slowed Curran in the last minutes of the round.

Round Five- A few second in to round five, the judge tries to pause the fight. As Hernandez drops his hands Curran delivers a right hook to Hernadez’sface. As Curran realizes that the fight was paused because of his loose tape around his gloves, Hernandez looks away making a "Dame, that hurt," face.

Round Six- Hernandez tries to find his stoppage and opportunity but is unsuccessful, as Curran gets a great percentage of his punches in the last round.

Judges score the bout 57 to 57 59 to 55 57 to 57 Giving the fighters a draw in this six round match up.

Damien Jonak (154 Lbs) vs. Mike Hatfeild (154 Lbs):

Round One- Jonak, a favorite among Polish fans, knocks Hatfeild down in the middle of the round with a wide left. Not only 20 seconds after the first knockdown, Jonak delivers a left hook to the body bring Hatfield down for the second time.

Round Two- Jonak is the first one out of his corner and continues to dominate over his opponent.

Round Three- Jonak hits Hatfeild with a left to the face knocking him down for the third time. Ref stops the fight at 46 seconds in round three.

All in all, it was a good night with plenty of action at Dominic Pesoli's 8 Count Production of "Lightning Strikes."

ReileV (48k image)

Stacie Reile celebrates her victory

JorgeBinkowkskiShake (61k image)

Jorge Bravo (left) with Art Binkowski

MiguelJorge (39k image)

Miguel Hernandez (left) with Jorge Bravo

HumbertoChavezDude (38k image)

Photographer Humberto Bravo

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