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10/03/2006 Archived Entry: "‘The Weezel’ Looks to Keep Upward Roll Going vs. Turner This Saturday!"

‘The Weezel’ Looks to Keep Upward Roll Going vs. Turner This Saturday!

By Juan C. Ayllon
Photo by Tom Barnes

EstradaTomBarnes11aa.jpg (43k image)

CHICAGO - Call him Sisyphus with boxing gloves.

The career of professional middleweight boxer David “The Weezel” (sic) Estrada calls to mind the Greek mythological character, Sisyphus, who was forced to roll a large rock up a steep hill, a rock that inevitably broke free time and again.

Last Saturday, Estrada avenged a split decision loss, bouncing Aundalen Sloan off the canvas multiple times in winning a unanimous decision.

“I almost knocked him out,” said Estrada. “When I’m ‘in the zone,’ there’s nobody that can beat me but myself.”

Now, he’s signed to fight undefeated puncher Louis Turner in the prelims at the Allstate Arena when Nicolai Valuev defends his World Boxing Association Heavyweight Title against Monte Barrett this Saturday, October 7th. Turner is 6-0 with five knockouts.

At 6’ 1” and roughly 160 lbs., the lanky Estrada has a record of 10-8 with seven knockouts. Ever the optimist, he is unafraid to fight on short notice or in an opponent’s hometown in order to make a little more money. This has resulted in added television exposure, as well as the occasional loss.

After halting Brian Chiary in St. Petersburg on ESPN in June 2005, Estrada was stopped by undefeated Elvin Ayala, who was 11-0, two months later in New Haven, Connecticut.

“I just didn’t let my hands go,” Estrada said. “He threw a lot of punches. I was like a turtle—I stuck my head out, felt it wasn’t safe and tucked it back in.”

Estrada rebounded with stoppage wins over Kendall Gould and Tyrone Mack in October and November 2005, respectively. Estrada was on his way back up.

Then, last February in Montreal, Estrada faced Renan St. Juste, a powerful slugger at 9-1-1 and five knockouts whom some considered the future of Canadian middleweights.

“I hurt him with my right hand,” said Estrada. “I stopped in front of him to admire my work. Then, he hit me with a left right on the button! I went down, took an eight count and, as soon as I got up, the ref stopped the fight. He didn’t even say, ‘Come here.’ When you’re fighting in their hometown, they get the hometown advantage.”

Estrada lost his next three fights against prospects James Kirkland, Ishmail Arvin, and Tony Cygan.

He said of Kirkland, “I just covered up. When I let my hands go, I buckled him. In the next round, he smothered me, knocked me down and the referee stopped the fight.” Versus Arvin: “I started off too late. When I let my hands go, I rocked him! He held, ran away (and got the decision).” With Cygan, “that was honestly a robbery. There was a head butt in the fourth round. They let it go on. I jumped on him, targeted his eye and he complained he couldn’t see. I lost in the sixth round with a technical decision.”

Now, with another win under his belt, Estrada looks to make it two in a row against Louis Turner this Saturday.

“They picked the wrong fight,” he said. “I’m a lot better than my record says, I’m in phenomenal shape and I’m going to show it on Saturday. He’s a typical, straight-forward powerful kind of guy. But, the guy doesn’t have experience like I do. I plan on taking him into deep waters. It’s going to be a good fight!”

And, if Estrada has his way, he’ll win and stay on top. No more Sisyphus. Instead, at least for a while, he’ll be king of the hill.

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