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Philadelphia's Boxing Heritage

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06/09/2007 Archived Entry: "Segura KO’s Reyes, Alvarado Flattens Campos!"

Segura KO’s Reyes, Alvarado Flattens Campos!
Jermaine White and Jimmy Holmes Stopped in Knockout Extravaganza!

Photos and story by Juan C. Ayllon at ringside

SeguraCrax (73k image)

Segura (right) hammers Reyes with a right to the head

GARY, Ind.—In an evening that was typified by knockouts at the Hudson-Campbell Center, Giovanni Segura, 108 lbs. (17-0-1, 13 KO’s) wasted little time in dispatching former International Boxing Federation Minimum Weight Champion Daniel Reyes (107 lbs., 38-4-1, 30 KO’s) drilling him early and often in the first. Trapping Reyes against the ropes, he unloaded a final assault. A red blur of Cleto Reyes gloves pounded flesh. And Reyes crumpled to the canvas. Referee Kurt Spivey counted him out at 1:38 into the first round.

Afterwards, Spivey said, “It was so fast. I believe it was a right to the body and a left to the head, but I wouldn’t bet anything on it.”

SeguraStalks (96k image)

Segura (right) stalks Reyes

SeguraFlx (98k image)

Afterwards, Segura flexes for the camera

Indiana boxing referee Eric Fetzer, who watched from ringside said, “You can add: it was a rib-breaking shot to the ribs!” Bending at the knees and turning the weight of his body behind his right shoulder in a mock right hook, Fetzer said, “He caught him (like this),” pressing his lips together grimly to emphasize the effect of the punishing blow.

AlvaradoPnds (90k image)

Alvarado (left) finishes Campos on the ropes

In the co-main bout, Denver, Colorado slugger Mike Alvarado engaged in some early fireworks with feisty Francisco Campos, who hails from San Jose, Costa Rica.

As the two swapped blows midway through the second round, someone from Alvarado’s corner shouted, “You’re pushing everything!”

Taking heed, Alvarado stepped up the fury of his attack. After staggering him a minute later, Alvarado dropped Campos with a whistling left hook to the jaw. Campos wasn’t going anywhere and referee Blake Allen waved it off at 1:50 into round two. With the knockout win, Alvarado (143 lbs.) advances to 17-0 with 11 knockouts, while Campos (140 lbs.) slips to 20-10-1 with 11 knockouts.

CampbellSmash (90k image)

Campbell (right) smashes home a left to Wright's head as referee Blake Allen looks on.

CampbellTowr (93k image)

Moments later, Campbell finishes him

CampbellKD (99k image)

Popular British middleweight by way of Indianapolis Jimmy Campbell sent shivers of adrenalin into the crowd as he tore into Jon Wright, first rocking him about a minute into the bout and finishing him with a short burst on the ropes.

The finishing blows were, according to Campbell, “On the outside (with a right hook to the left ribs) and up the middle with an uppercut.”

CampbellTalks (90k image)

Campbell talks about his victory

“He was a last minute replacement,” Campbell said. “I’d been sparring in New York City with Yuri Foreman, Paul Malignaggi…the best in the world. And then he came with his unorthodox style. It took a minute to adjust.” Time of the knockout was 1:22 into the first.

With this win, Campbell’s record rose to 10-0 with seven knockouts, while Wright, who hails from Lafayette, Indiana lost his pro debut.

DonMrSurge2 (103k image)

Moore (left) traps and punishes Hoffman in a corner

DonMrSurge3 (100k image)

DangerousDon (94k image)

Don Moore smiles for the camera as his cornermen remove his gloves

Gary, Indiana’s “Dangerous” Don Moore (131.5 lbs., 11-0-1, 9 KO’s) battered and stopped St. Paul, Minnesota’s John Hoffman (137.5 lbs., 10-18, 3 KO’s) at 2:50 of the first round. He wobbled, and then dropped Hoffman with a deluge of punches. Trapping him on the ropes, Moore resumed battering Hoffman until referee Kurt Spivey intervened.

TravisKD (90k image)

Loveless (left) drops Holmes hard along the ropes

Ring announcer Joe York said, “Someone’s ‘Oh’ has got to go,” as he introduced undefeated Indiana middleweights Jimmy “The Fighting School Teacher” Holmes and Travis Loveless. Eagerly anticipated, nobody expected this match to end so abruptly.

Engaging quickly, Holmes jarred with a right. The two traded. Suddenly, Loveless connected with a hard right to Holmes’ chin. Down went Holmes!

LovelsIncom (107k image)

LovelsDkg (92k image)

LovelssDns (102k image)

Following up, Loveless dropped Holmes down with another fast combination. Holmes was in trouble. As he stalked, Holmes’ corner threw in the towel, prompting the referee to call off the bout. Time of the stoppage was 2:51 into the first round.

LovelessPose (85k image)

Travis Loveless strikes a pose for the camera

A delighted Loveless said with his easy country drawl, “I got him with the right. The second knockdown was from a left hook, but I think he was still feeling the right hand.”

Holmes shrugged and said, “I’m all right. I just got caught.”

Loveless (156 ½ lbs), who hails from Frankfort, Indiana, rose to 11-0 with 10 knockouts, while DeMotte, Indiana’s Holmes (160 lbs.) sustained his first loss at 15-1-2 with eight knockouts.

CamposCnxL (109k image)

Campos (right) stuns and pops up the head of White with a wicked left and sends him down with a follow-up right below

CamposRt (104k image)

WhiteDn (105k image)

Merrillville, Indiana’s popular junior welterweight Jermaine “Too Sweet” White suffered similar disappointment as Topeka, Kansas’s Derrick Campos stunned him with a heavy left to the head, a follow-up barrage and a thudding right to the head that dropped him on his back. Rising, he retreated to the ropes. Campos bombed away as White covered and took a pounding. Moments later, referee Kurt Spivey waved off the bout at 1:17. Campos won by technical knockout.

CamposFnshg (101k image)

Moments before the stoppage, Campos pounds away at White, who appears to be in a semi-seated position on the ropes

Clearly upset, White (140 ¼ lbs.), who slipped to 15-3 with seven knockouts, had no comment following the bout. However, One in a Million promoter Octavius James said later, “These are the kinds of fighters you have to beat.”

Campos (137 lbs.) saw his ledger rise to 12-3 with nine knockouts.

Maryup (99k image)

McGee digs a left uppercut to Silva's midsection

Gary, Indiana’s Mary McGee found out why Ciudad Acuna, Mexico’s Eva Lidia Silva was able to go the distance twice with Chicago rival Rita Figueroa. Try as she might teeing-off on rugged, but ultimately outmatched Silva, McGee was unable to stop her over four rounds.

MaryCorners (97k image)

MaryPummels (103k image)

MaryXChg (96k image)

Their bout appeared on the cusp of a stoppage in the first and fourth rounds, but Silva was truculent enough in swinging back to stay in the bout.

MaryRt (98k image)

McGee drills Silva with a right to the head

The decision was a mere formality, as judges scored the bout unanimously 40-35 and 40-36 twice for Mary McGee. With this win, McGee (133 lbs.) advances to 10-0 with five knockouts, while Silva (138 lbs.) dips to 4-8.

CountrClout (100k image)

Countryman jars Sloan (foreground) with a right to the head

Detroit, Michigan’s super middleweight James Countryman (165 lbs., 9-1, 7 KO’s) put the wood to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin’s Aundalen Sloan (162 lbs., 6-21-2, 3 KO’s), dropping him hard in the third round with a right uppercut and battering him about in the fourth. Sloan provided wily at times and slugged back hard as Countryman regrouped in between furious salvos.

CountryMeas (109k image)

CountrymanSur (92k image)

CountrymnBop (108k image)

CampbellSm1 (88k image)

James Campbell smiles after his win

The battering could only go on so long. Chairman of the Indiana Boxing Commission Jake Hall told referee Blake Allen to stop the bout. The time of the stoppage was 3:00 into round four.

Hall said, “The commission stopped the bout. He was behind in all scorecards. We didn’t want (Sloan) to get hurt in the last two rounds.”

MiguelXCh2 (97k image)

Newton (left) and Figueroa trade furiously, while referee Bill Paige looks on

MigXChangeCl (86k image)

Newton (right) trades places with Figueroa on the ropes

Michigan City, Indiana’s LeRoy Newton (128 lbs., 5-0, 4 KO’s) and Chicago’s Miguel Figueroa (133 lbs., 2-4-1, 1 KO) had the crowd roaring as they slugged nonstop over four rounds. The sharper and straighter puncher, Newton cut and staggered Figueroa in the second and rocked him in the second, third and fourth rounds. But just when it seemed he was on the way out, Figueroa came roaring back with looping rights and lefts to the body and head, forcing Newton. MiguelXCh (112k image)

Judges awarded Newton a unanimous decision with scores of 39-37 all.

A weary Newton said afterwards, “I thought he was weak and I could knock him out, but he had a hard head! I was weak, too. I was walking around 138 and dropped down to 132 in four weeks.

“But as long as I have a win, I’m satisfied. Tell Julio (Cesar Chavez, Jr.) I want a rematch!”

Victoriosss (108k image)

Newton lets out a whoop when he gets the decision

Jake Hall said, “I like to see fights like that, where you’ve got two guys with losing records, they put on a very competitive fight and one of them got a win!”

MigKid (87k image)

Miguel Figueroa poses with his small friend after the fight

Hall certainly got no quarrel from the audience, that clearly got its moneys worth with an entertaining night of hard-hitting boxing.

Walker&Son (94k image)

Everyone had fun at the fights, including Michael "The Midnight Stalker" Walker and his son shown here

JOeYork&Friend (93k image)

Ring announcer Joe York (right) and massive Indiana Golden Gloves heavyweight winner William Lee, who turned pro and plans to start fighting soon

WalkerFindleyPujoe (100k image)

From left to right at ringside: Fighters Michael Walker, Derrick "Superman" Findley, and Joseph Pujoe

Mike&Wife (108k image)

Media liason for One in a Million, Michael Gonzalez, and his lovely wife visit at ringside after the fights

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