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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

Tommy McManus

BORN Born in Ireland; Fought out of New York, NY, New Bedford, Ma, and Lowell, Ma
WEIGHT 140-160 lbs

McManus was a hardy, muscular fellow but he was not a very stylish fighter

During his career, he battled a number of top men such as Jake Kilrain, Jim Fell, George LaBlanche, Jack Magee, Billy Dacey (two times), Patsy Kerrigan, Mike Daly, Jimmy Carroll (at least four times) and Charley White (at least two times)

Aug 22 Jim Fell                     Rich Hill, Ks                    LT 14
         -London Prize Ring rules were used; Some sources report "L 14"

Nov 21 Mickey Dyer                  Boston, Ma                       EX  3

Jan  7 Mickey Dyer                  Boston, Ma                       EX  3
Feb 28 George LaBlanche             Boston, Ma                        L  6
Apr    Mickey Dyer                  Gloucester, Ma                   EX   
          -McManus and Dyer boxed exhibitions for a week during April

Oct 12 Mike Daly                    St. John's, NB, Can               D  6
Nov 23 Jack Donovan                 Lowell, Ma                       EX   

Jan 20 Plummer Welch                Manchester, NH                   KO  2
Feb 17 Jack Magee                   Boston, Ma                       LF  4
          -Some sources report "Mike McManus"; Some sources report "LK 4"
           Some sources report "LF 5"
May  4 Jimmy Carroll                Boston, Ma                       LK  3
Jun 18 George LaBlanche             New Bedford, Ma                 SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but not held; LaBlanche did not show;
           McManus claimed a forfeit win
Sep    Billy Dacey                                                  SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known

       Jimmy Carroll                                                  L  8
       Jimmy Carroll                                                 LK  4
          -Early sources report 1877

Nov 24 Jimmy Carroll                St. John, NB, Canada            SCH    
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
Dec  2 Jimmy Carroll                Boston, Ma                       LK  8
          -Two-ounce gloves were used;
           McManus was seconded by Patsy Kerrigan;
           Carroll was seconded by Paddy Duffy
Dec 16 -McManus was scheduled to appear in Sandwich, Ma

Jan 16 Dick Guthrie                 Boston, Ma                      SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
Jan 23 -McManus was scheduled to appear in Boston, Ma
Dec 17 Charley White                New Bedford, Ma                   W 10
          -After 10 rounds, the referee ordered another
           rounds to be fought; White refused and the
           bout was given to McManus; Fox Rules were used

Jan 14 Charley White                New Bedford, Ma                  KO  4
Aug 18 -McManus was best man at the wedding of Jack Fallon
          to Miss Beck of Tenth Street, Jersey City; The ceremony 
          was performed by the Reverend Father O'Boyle of Degraw 
          Street and Utica Avenue, Brooklyn; Miss Anne Beck, sister 
          of the bride, was bridesmaid
Aug 21 -The Philadelphia (Pa) Item reported that Tommy McManus 
          sailed for England on the "City of Rome" along with Peter 
          Jackson, Jack Fallon, Sam Fitzpatrick, Tim McManus, Parson 
          Davies, and Billy Naughton
Dec    Charley White                                                SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known;
           Some sources report this as a Welterweight Championship bout

Jun 13 Jake Kilrain                 New York, NY                      L  3
          -Some early sources reported 7/13/87
Sep  2 Billy Dacey                  near New York, NY                LK  5
          -This fight was held within 100 miles of New York, NY;
           Many observers thought it was fixed; Both men were 
           drunk before and after the fight

Mar 10 -The St. Louis (Mo) Post-Dispatch reported that Patsy
          Kerrigan and Tommy McManus spent last evening at the 
          Daly Brothers place on Market Street (in St. Louis);
          They left this morning for Hot Springs, Ar
Apr  2 Patsy Kerrigan               Hot Springs, Ar                  LK  9
          -Some sources report this bout held 4/01/91;
           Some reports call this a "fake fight"
Jun 11 Billy Dacey                  Willimantic, Ct                   D  6
Nov 24 Billy Dacey                  New York, NY                     EX   

Feb  2 "Indian" Jim Wongo           Norfolk, Va                      LK 19
Aug 29 Patsy Kerrigan               Brooklyn, NY                     EX   

Jan 13 Patsy Kerrigan               Boston, Ma                       EX  3
Jan 28 Jack McAuliffe               New York, NY                     EX  3
          -McAuliffe had the better of the fighting;
           McManus weighed around 150 lbs

Apr 16 Patsy Kerrigan               Worcester, Ma                    EX   

Jan 16 Tom Creed                    Albany, NY                        D  6
          -Some soruces report 1/06/95

Mar  3 Patsy Kerrigan               Lynn, Ma                         EX   

May 18 Tom Creed                    Brooklyn, NY                      D  8

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization