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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

Robert "Cocky" Turnbull

BORN   April 29 1863; in New York state;
Fought out of Long Island, New York, New York
DIED July 1908; Long Island, New York, New York (suicide)
HEIGHT 5-5 1/2
WEIGHT 130-140 lbs

Turnbull was a promising amateur boxer who did not fight professionally often; But, he was a strong supporter of boxing and was involved with many boxing activities

Many old reports are very contradictory; If anyone discovers conclusive data that disagrees with these fight results, please advise Tracy Callis

Mar  1 Al Schaultenbach           Long Island City, NY              D  4
          -Police intervened
Mar 11 Billy Purdy                New York, NY                      W   
Mar 11 Frank Crysler              New York, NY                      L  4
          -The previous 2 bouts were held the same date
           as part of a Lightweight Boxing Tournament;
           Brooklyn (NY) Daily Eagle reports 1884 at
           Tammany Hall
Apr 15 J.C. Austin                Brooklyn, NY                      W   
Aug 13 Al Schaultenbach           Flushing, NY                     KO 12
Dec 21 Joe Williams               Philadelphia, Pa                 EX   

Mar  1 Frank White                New York, NY                     EX   
Mar 13 Jerry Milton               New York, NY                     EX  3
Mar 29 -Turnbull challenged Al Schaultenbach (of Brooklyn, NY) 
           to a fight with or without gloves; Schaultenbach, who
           was an amateur champion, declined, saying he did not
           wish to turn professional
May 26 John Cash                  New York, NY                     EX   
Jun 25 Jimmy Murray               Brooklyn, NY                     LK  2
          -Some sources report "Blissville, Long Island, New York, NY"
Aug 14 -Some sources report that Turnbull fought "Nonpareil" Jack Dempsey
           in Newtown, NY on this date
Nov 25 "Nonpareil" Jack Dempsey   New York, NY                      D  8
          -Dempsey was better; Some sources report "L 8"

Feb  8 Jack Bowles                Philadelphia, Pa                 EX   
Jun 26 George Taylor              New York, NY                     EX   
Oct  8 "Nonpareil" Jack Dempsey   New York, NY                      L  8
          -Dempsey knocked down Turnbull several times;
           Some sources report 10/23/84

May 29 Young Mitchell             San Francisco, Ca                LK  7

Dec 15 -Turnbull was the timekeeper for the Tommy Danforth vs Mike Cushing
           bout in New York, NY

         -Turnbull was involved with the John L. Sullivan Combination and had
          numerous exhibition bouts with Jimmy Carroll, George LaBlanche and

Mar 28 Jimmy Carroll              Hoboken, NJ                      EX   
Mar 28 George LaBlanche           Hoboken, NJ                      EX   
          -The previous 2 bouts were held the same date
Mar 30 Jimmy Carroll              Philadelphia, Pa                 EX   
Apr  1 George LaBlanche           Paterson, NJ                     EX   
Apr  1 Jimmy Carroll              Baltimore, Md                    EX  3
          -The previous 2 bouts were reported for the same date
           by different sources
Apr  4 Jimmy Carroll              Washington, DC                   EX   
Apr  4 George LaBlanche           Washington, DC                   EX   
          -The previous 2 bouts were held the same date
Apr  8 George LaBlanche           Wilkes-Barre, Pa                 EX   
Apr  9 George LaBlanche           Altoona, Pa                      EX   
Apr  9 Jimmy Carroll              Altoona, Pa                      EX   
          -The previous 2 bouts were held the same date
Jul 19 -Turnbull was time-keeper and umpire for Jack Hopper vs Billy Dacey
           at Hempstead Beach, Long Island, NY (opposite Point Lookout)

Dec 28 -Turnbull refereed the Denny Butler vs Sailor Brown bout in Williamsburg, NY

Feb    -Turnbull sparred for five weeks in Rochester, NY
Sep 10 -Brooklyn (NY) Daily Eagle reported that "Robert Turnbull",
           carpenter, fell forty feet to the ground while working on
           the roof of a house on Flatbush Avenue; He suffered a head
           cut and broken arm in two places (occurred 9/09/89)

Dec 28 Johnny Reagan              Rochester, NY                    LK  4

*** The Following Bout Is Reported But Not Confirmed ***

Jan    Johnny Dempsey             New York, NY                      D  7
          -Perhaps, this man was the young "Nonpareil" Jack Dempsey

*** Most Data Provided By William Schutte ***

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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