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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

George "Monk" Young

BORN   1866; Ireland; Fought out of London, England and Brooklyn, New York (Reports vary - 1851, 1857, 1867; Some say Birmingham, England)
DIED January 21 1889; Boston, Massachusetts
HEIGHT 5-4 (Some sources report 5-2)
WEIGHT 106-115 1/2 lbs
Young, a promising young bantamweight, died Tues at the Boston City Hospital; He went to Boston to second Jim Glynn in a fight; The next day he complained of a pain in his throat; At the hospital, he was told he had an abcess (Philadelphia Item, 1/23/89)
Jun 11 Jem Carney                 Birmingham, England              EX   
          -This fight is believed to belong to George "Monk" Young

Apr  9 J. Crawley                 London, England                  ND   
          -This fight is believed to belong to George "Monk" Young

Feb 16 Jemmy Welsh                London, England                  EX   

Mar  1 Tommy Monk                 London, England                   D  6

Undated (1884-1888)
       Billy Dacey                                                  L  2

Mar 14 Jack Hopper                New York, NY                     EX  3
Jun 26 Joe Fowler                 New York, NY                     EX   
Jun 30 Joe Fowler                 New York, NY                     EX    
Jul 28 Joe Fowler                 New York, NY                     EX   
Oct  6 Joe Fowler                 New York, NY                     EX  3
Oct 17 -Young seconded Walter Watson vs Mike Donovan in Brooklyn, NY

Apr 10 Joe Fowler                 New York, NY                     EX  3

Apr 22 Paddy Kearney              Paterson, NJ                    SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
Dec 12 Jimmy Murray               Brooklyn, NY                     EX  4
Dec 21 Austin Gibbons             Paterson, NJ                      L 10
          -Some sources report "LK 3"

Jan 14 Joe Fowler                 Brooklyn, NY                     EX   
Jan 31 Joe Fowler                 Jersey City, NJ                  EX   
Feb 25 Johnny Ward                Brooklyn, NY                     EX   
Apr  3 Joe Fowler                 Brooklyn, NY                     ND  3
Jun  9 Swipes, the Newsboy        Long Island, NY                  TK 17
Nov 21 Cal McCarthy               New York, NY                     LK  9
Dec    James Glynn                Brooklyn, NY                     EX   

Jan 25 -It was reported that the remains of "Monk" Young (Williamsburg, NY),
          who died in Boston, were taken to Brooklyn on Thursday night; His parents
          died some time ago; There are no known living relatives

Brooklyn (NY) Daily Eagle, January 22 1889

*** The Following Bout Is Reported But Not Confirmed ***

       Jimmy Lynch                New York, NY                      L  4

*** Top Photo Was Provided By William Schutte ***

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization