A Man Among Men (by Kelly Richard Nicholson)
Bareknuckles, Blood and Broken Bones
(by Mick Hill)
Billy Miske: The St. Paul Thunderbolt (by Clay Moyle)
Boxing By The Numbers: The Heavyweights (by James Vincent Trunzo)
Boxing in the Shadows (by Tom Donelson)
Boxing's Top Tens
(by Steve Maguire)
Chicago's Greatest Sportsman
(by Mark T. Dunn)
Cradle of Champions: 80 Years of NY Daily News Golden Gloves (by Bill Farrell)
Dan Donnelly 1788-1820 (by Patrick Myler)
"Denver" Jack Geyer, The Boxer: His Multi-Faceted Life
(by Max Geyer)
Entertainment in the Old West
(by Jeremy Agnew)
Famous Pugilists of the English Prize Ring 1719-1870 (by Mick Hill)
Hitters, Dancers and Ring Magicians
(by Kelly Richard Nicholson)
Hitting and Stopping
(by Jimmy Wilde)
I Fought Them All
(by Greg Lewis & Moira Sharkey)

In the Ring with Tommy Burns (by Adam Pollack)
In the Ring with James J. Corbett
(by Adam Pollack)
In the Ring with Bob Fitzsimmons
(by Adam Pollack)
In the Ring with Marvin Hart
(by Adam Pollack)
In the Ring with James J. Jeffries
(by Adam Pollack)
In the Ring with Jack Johnson, Volume 1
(by Adam Pollack)
In the Ring with Jack Johnson, Volume 2
(by Adam Pollack)
John L. Sullivan: The Career of the First Gloved Heavyweight Champion (by Adam Pollack)
Nonpareil Jack Dempsey: Boxing's First World Middleweight Champion
(by Joseph S. Page)
Peter Jackson (by Bob Petersen)
Primo Carnera
(by Joseph S. Page)
Ringside at Richburg
(by Andrew R. English)
Sam Langford:
Boxing's Greatest Uncrowned Champion (by Clay Moyle)
The Boxing Register
(by James B. Roberts & Alexander G. Shutt)
The Fearless Harry Greb
(by Bill Paxton)
The First Black Boxing Champions
(by Coleen Aycock & Mark Scott)
The Indiana Wasp
(by Jim Clabby)
The Name of the Game
(by Adam Heach)
The only thing I can do is to fight
(by Mark T. Dunn)
The Regulation of Boxing
(by Robert G. Rodriguez)
The Sundowners: The History of the Black Prizefighter 1870-1930 (by Kevin Smith)
Ultimate Tough Guy (by Jim Carney Jr.)
Uncrowned Champions
(by J.J. Johnston & D.S. Cogswell)
Up To Scratch
(by Tony Gee)
William "Billy" Irwin Colorado Champion Pugilist 1895-1910 (by Terrance "Terry" Irwin)

Courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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